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If you are interested in a master thesis, lab rotation or other projects, please contact the affiliated research groups at the three partner Universities directly. Additionally, you find below links to specific open projects available within groups in the Zurich / Basel area.


Master Thesis Iber Group: Modelling and Simulation (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Master Thesis Khammash Group: Stochastic Models of Reaction Networks (PDF, 161 KB)

Master Thesis Khammash Group: In Silico Control Methods for Biology (PDF, 57 KB)

Master Thesis Khammash Group: Insulation Methods in Synthetic Biology (PDF, 57 KB)

Master Thesis Khammash Group: Realizability of in Vivo Control Methods (PDF, 56 KB)

Master Thesis Neher Group: Real-time Tracking of Animal Influenza Viruses (PDF, 415 KB)

Master Thesis Neher Group: Reconstructing Influenza Spread and Evolution jointly from all Eight Genome (PDF, 415 KB)

Master Thesis Stadler Group: Statistical Power of OU PCM (PDF, 96 KB)

Master Theses Stadler Group: Projects in Computational Immunology (PDF, 591 KB)

Master Thesis/Semester Project Stelling Group: Modelling Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling using Nonlinear mixed Effect Models (PDF, 344 KB)

Master Thesis van Nimwegen Group: Cell-to-cell Variability in Changing Environments (PDF, 333 KB)

Master Thesis Zavolan Group: Humans Big Data Project (PDF, 155 KB)


Master Theses Anisimova Group (ZHAW): Applied Computational Biology (PDF, 60 KB) Please note that in order to do a master thesis at ZHAW, you need to find a supervising professor at one of the affiliated partner Universities.  

Master Thesis at IBM: Identifying Mechanisms of Action in Association Studies (PDF, 126 KB)


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