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Do students from ETH and UBas and UZH have to apply for the programme?
Yes, all students have to apply (see how to apply here).

Do I have to apply to the University of Basel and University of Zurich as well?
The admission to the CBB master is handled via the ETH, so you only have to apply there. After you have been admitted, you need to enroll via the UZH joint degree application webpage in order to register for courses at the UZH. If you plan to take courses at the university during your first semester, be aware of the earlier enrollment deadline.

Can I apply without having done the necessary prerequisites?
Yes, but you will have to make up the additional courses during your Master studies. However, it is recommended to do the additional courses before applying.

What additional requirements must I fulfil?
The members of the admissions committee will decide about the additional requirements after reviewing your profile.

I have no Bachelor in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology. Can I apply for the MSc CBB or do I have to take extra courses in advance?
First of all, every student with a Bachelor can apply for the programme. We prefer students that have a Bachelor's degree in one of the fields indicated in the section Application & Admission. Admitted students who do not fulfil all qualifications will close their gaps with the additional requirements decreed by the admission committee.

Is it possible to work part-time during the Master studies?
All ETH Master's programmes are designed as full time studies. But you have four years to complete the programme. So it is up to you if you would like to do the programme in 2 or in 4 years. But consider that the lectures take place the whole week. Therefore you have to design your timetable carefully.

Do I need to select a mentor before starting the programme?
If you do not have any idea who you would like to ask, you can search your mentor during the first semester.

I have a Bachelor from an university of applied science ('Fachhochschule'). Can I apply?
Eligible students holding a degree from a university of applied sciences must have achieved a GPA of at least 5 on the Swiss grading scale or demonstrate a comparable performance and will receive additional requirements between 40 and 60 ECTS credits.

What do I have to do if I want to apply for a master in CBB with a subsequent PhD?
There is no fast-track programme for CBB as for example for Computer Science. You can only apply for the master and then try to find a research group and a professor for the PhD during your studies.

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