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Additional requirements are issued by the admission committee if a gap between the student’s Bachelor curriculum and the required profile for the Master programme is determined. Students should attend these courses at the beginning of their Master studies at ETH Zurich.

Below, please find a list of the most common additional requirement courses at ETH Zürich for admission to the CBB Master. Please note that the content of these courses is decisive and courses may be replaced with courses of other Universities with the same content. However, passing these courses prior to admission is no guarantee for acceptance to the program.

  • 252-0835-AAL Computer Science I
  • 252-0002-AAL Data Structures and Algorithms
  • 227-0945-00L / 227-0945-10L Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers I&II
  • 406-0603-AAL Stochastics (Probability and Statistics)

Degree from a university

Eligible students holding a degree issued by a university need to have passed introductory courses in the following fields of study: programming, data structures and algorithms, statistics, biology and bioinformatics. Additional requirements may not exceed 30 ECTS credits (a full semester of studies).

Degree from a university of applied sciences ('Fachhochschule')

Eligible students holding a degree from a university of applied sciences must have achieved a GPA of at least 5 on the Swiss grading scale or demonstrate a comparable performance and will receive additional requirements between 40 and 60 ECTS credits.


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