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How should I select a mentor from the list of professors?
Your mentor may be any professor involved in the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics programme. Please see the list of associated professors, research groups respectively. Choose a professor who does research in the area you are most interested in and with whom you feel comfortable discussing your personal study plan. You may send an e-mail to him or her stating that you are a new CBB Master student and ask whether he/she would be willing to be your mentor.

What is the role of a mentor and what is a personal study plan?
You have to discuss your personal study plan during the first semester of studies with your mentor. He or she will have to sign its final version. The compilation of the personal study plan is your responsibility, but mentors are happy to provide advice. For the personal study plan you need to organize your all of your Master’s studies, including all courses you intend to take. Please consult the course catalogue for detailed information on the courses and course schedules. For future semesters, please take a look at the corresponding semester of the previous year. Usually, the courses and the time schedules differ only slightly from year to year. Please find the personal study plan form under here.

Can I start my PhD while I am still in the master?
No, you must first complete your Master studies and may then start with your doctoral studies.

How can I take courses at the university of Zurich?
In order to register for courses at the UZH, you need to enroll via the UZH joint degree application webpage. After your enrollment, you will be able to book courses here.
Furthermore, if you plan to take courses at the university during your first semester, be aware of the earlier enrollment deadline.

How can I organize an internship?
If you would like to do an internship, contact directly the research group of your favourite research area. Maybe they already have topics for projects or you may convince them of your own project idea. If you live near Zurich, nevertheless also consider research groups in Basel, because usually there is no need to travel to the group on a daily basis and a lot of groups also have team members positioned in Zurich.

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