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Studying at ETH Zurich, the University of Basel and the University of Zurich provides an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the latest technologies and methods in a world-class research environment.  While this is exciting and inspiring, it can be challenging at times. For this reason we provide different forms of support.

  • The Director of Studies is responsible for degree programmes, examination regulations and for the validation of examination results. All requests addressed to the Director of Studies should be handed in at the Administration Office in written form.
  • The Student Administration can help you with most issues, in particular, with administrative concerns. In any case, the Administration Office can refer you to the right person.
  • Questions concerning your military service (for Swiss citizens only) can be directed to the Student Administration.
  • If you need help to plan your studies, please contact the Student Counsellor.
  • To discuss your personal study programme, please contact your mentor for advice.
  • A coach supports you in organizing your studies, in preparing for examinations or when you are stressed out.
  • The Psychological Counseling Service offers a variety of services for confidential assistance with personal and academic problems, for example, how to deal with competitive situations such as examinations. It is of great advantage to seek help early. The Psychological Counseling Service is free of charge for all students enrolled at ETH Zurich.



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